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Nice Tetris variant with falling fruit.

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tetris 3d Tetris 3D
Very cool 3D version of Tetris. Nice effects and sound. Use the arrow keys to rotate the blocks. Use the spacebar to drop a block instantly.
puyo tetris Puyo Tetris
Connect at least 4 Tetris blocks of the same color to let them disappear of the screen in this free Tetris game version.
flash box tetris Flash Box Tetris
A basic version of the old school Tetris game. This one has 10 different levels. If you feel lucky you might would like to enter a higer level directly. Go to help and select the Tretris level you would like to play.
tetris bomb Tetris Bomb
In this Tetris version you have bombs attached to some of the Tetris blocks. Use the bombs and let some of the blocks explode.
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